annaiyarum Padminiyum joins the list of films that have grown from its short film successes. The film is directed by Arun Kumar and stars Vijay Sethupathi, Jayaprakash, Tulasi, Ishwarya and others. Music is by Justin Prabhakaran. The film also features one of the last written songs of the late Vaalee.

Enga Ooru Vandi

Singers: Akhilesh, Allan, Anjana, Gowtham, Haripriya, Neyveli Sriram, Yazhini

Lyrics: Justin Prabhakran

The involvement of children lends an automatic charm to the song as it literally travels through several phases which seem like it’s been scripted for the screen. While the track doesn’t exactly contain any exciting moments or melodies, the arrangements and the performances ensure that its atleast mildly enjoyable.

Onakkaga Poranthene

Singers: Anu Anand, Balram, S.P.B.Charan, Sandhya

Lyrics: Vaalee

Old fashioned tune that reminds the listener of a long lost time. In an age where retro tunes are used as parodies, this certainly is one which is grounded with honest intentions of being earthy and rustic, but with a tinge of production gloss. The two pairs of singers and the late Vaali’s lyrics suggest that the song is written to describe two separate relationships and each demanding its own set of voices. Balram and Sandhya appear in the first half of the tune and SP Charan and Anu Anand in the second half ending this glorious melody on a high.

Kadhal Vandhacho

Singers: Karthik, Prashanthini

Lyrics: Justin Prabhakaran

Yet another soft melody graces this album but easily distinguishes itself from the others through its own classical based melodies. Justin Prabhakaran architects a beautiful vocal melody without the pressures of tempo or pace, which in a sense is one of the highlights of this entire soundtrack. The track almost entirely rests on the singers and the vocal harmonies, and both Karthik and Prashanthini understand their roles and perform par excellence.

Pesuren Pesuren

Singers: Justin Prabhakaran, Pandiyamma, Thayamma, Vairam

Lyrics: Vaalee

The composer chips in with a vocal performance for this number and it sounds as if the singer carries a slight lisp, and we have to wait and find out if it’s a character requirement. The elderly women wailing too suggest that it’s a song designed for a situation. It sounds like there’s an underlying sadness and tragedy to this tune but it refrains from over sympathizing itself as a pathos tune and in that aspect this song does make for an interesting listen.

Enakkaga Poranthaye

Singers: Anu Anand, S.P.B.Charan

Lyrics: Vaalee

The album closer is an extension of SP Charan and Anu Anand’s segment from the earlier track. Comparisons to Ilayaraja are inevitable when the song sounds like this but Justin leaves his own touches but the melody is simply a joy to listen to regardless of what or who it sounds like.

Verdict: A non-commercial delight from the debutant Justin Prabhakaran.

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