Madha Yaanai Kootam is GV Prakash’s maiden production venture and is directed by newcomer Vikram Sugumaran and stars Kathir and Oviya in the lead with music by N.R. Raghunanthan.

Unnai Vanangatha

Singers: Velmurugan

Lyrics: Ekadesi

The melody here carries slight religious hymn like overtone but the percussion rhythm is strong enough to sustain the listener’s interest, so is Velmurugan’s singing where he sounds his best. The nativity of this song provides the listener of a taste of things to come in the rest of the album and in that sense it serves as a great album opener.

Kona Kondakari

Singers: GV Prakash

Lyrics: Ekadesi

A lively tune with an equally upbeat performance from G.V. Prakash. Again the composer rests the tune on a solid low end with a very excitable rhythm section belting out a danceable groove. There are brief appearances of flute and guitars but its mostly buried in the mix dominated by the percussions.

Kombu Oothil

Singers: Anand Aravinakashan, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Vikram Sugumaran

Lyrics: Ekadesi

A fast paced folk tune that changes personality midway to a mid-tempo romantic melody before picking up pace and finishing off proceedings with an assault of percussions. Raghunanthan’s choice of singers work well in favor of the tune as they bring out the right sense of occasion the song demands.

Enga Pora

Singers: Thanjai Selvi

Lyrics: Ekadesi

Raghunanthan comes up with a fresh take on a mother’s wailing, based on the popular pathos carnatic ragam Shivaranjani, with a rhythm arrangement and melody that could also work well for a romantic duet. But the mood is certainly glum and Tanjai Selvi’s singing is apt for the situation.

Yaro Yaro

Singers: Hari Charan, Monali Tagore

Lyrics: Ekadesi

When compared to the preceding tracks this one is slightly off-colour in terms of its soft natured sound. The melody, loosely based on Abheri, is decent which is amped up by good performances from the singers. The track could have hugely benefited from a catchy chorus or a recurring instrumental hook.


Singers: Thiuvudayan

Lyrics: Ekadesi

The album is back in familiar territory with this album closer sung by Thiuvudayan. The track is every bit immersed in native simplicity as Thiuvudayan narrates an emotional tale.

Verdict: Raw and rustic music with some catchy melodies.

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